You Feel Stuck – Because?


It is very difficult sometimes to know where to start when we realise that we need to make some lifestyle changes.   Shall we attempt to climb the steep mountain in front of us even though our energy levels are very low?  Shall we ask others to change for us so we don’t have to attempt it?  Shall we try and find another way round the mountain – but that route could be even more hazardous?  Or shall we just think about it some more and maybe the mountain will move?

Easy to see therefore why people stay stuck and perhaps use food, anger, substances or alchohol to compensate for living the life they no longer want to live.    Not so easy is the thought that change does not have to be in big moves.  If you are building a tower of playing cards the small movement at the bottom provides a very big one at the top, and if enough small movements are made the tower will fall.  So it is with changes in our life.  Start off small.  Don’t think of it as a mountain to climb – even the most ardent of mountaineers probably feel a little overwhelmed for a moment before  attempting to climb a big mountain.

Break down the issues and look at your thinking around these.  We all have beliefs and opinions but check out if these are really your own or someone else’s that you have either inherited or recently grown into i.e. I can’t do that – usually translates into someone telling us previously that we can’t.  Think about it rationally.  Is there any physical reason why you can’t or is it only your thought process that says you can’t.  Work it through –  all your thinking.    Because is a great word.  Try it out when you assess your belief.  You can’t do it because ……… because …… because …. .because etc .    I think you will be surprised when you exhaust the reasons why you think you can’t do it how you will unlock the very reason why you can.    THAT is the first wobble of the mountain before you.  If you are honest with yourself and rationalise each belief that has caused you to become stuck,  soon the mountain becomes just an incline.

Of course you could also have investigated another way around the mountain but then it may still have left the mountain  casting some shadows over your future.    The good thing about your life is that it is all up to us which path we choose!


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