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Problem Drinking


Problem Drinking

“I can control it – it doesn’t control me”

(“That’s what you think” says the addiction to the addict!!)

Problem drinking is when it causes problems with someone’s health, finances, the law, work, friends or family etc. etc. .    If it causes problems for partners, children, bosses that drinking is problematic.   When these activities become addictive, and a need, then they are no longer problematic they are an Addiction.   An addiction can be “Physical” or “Psychological”  or both.  With physical addiction they produce physical symptons when alcohol is unavailable such as feeling sick, sweating, shakiness, moodiness and needing to drink first thing in the morning.    Psychological addiction can refer to anyone suffering from cravings to use alcohol or who have developed a regular routine of alcohol use and who routinely places more importance on the use of alcohol than other important activities.

There is a great debate going on as to whether all types of addictions are a disease (therefore leading to a view that as such it is not curable only manageable) or whether they are a dependency on a substance or addictive behaviour which enables one to cope with underlying conditions that need to be addressed and be healed.  There is also a stigma that the word “Alcoholic” has attached to it and by attaching labels to people it is not helpful.   I believe that people may have a problem but that the problem is not them.  The real person is in there and just needs to be healed.

Whichever school of thought you belong to, the fact remains that if you are finding yourself with a problem, it needs to be dealt with – before it becomes an addiction.   It is so easy for us to be where others have no doubt been before.  Thinking “it will be ok”  “It is not harming anyone”  “I only do it at home”  etc. etc. and then found themselves spiralling down into chaos that addiction invariable brings.  Look at George Best and Paul Gascoigne with alcohol, Mike Atherton with gambling.  I am sure that at one time their lives were at a cross roads and they thought it would never happen to them!

So if you think you have a problem or an addiction to alcohol – the first step would be to see your GP to work out how to cut down, especially if you think you are physically addicted as to cut down without medical supervision could prove fatal.   The second would be to work with me on the underlying issues that have lead you into this spiral and help you to identify and manage any cravings and triggers you may have.  However there is no magic cure to healing.  It requres insight into yourself.  It requires an honesty both with yourself and with myself.     But there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you choose to seek it for yourself.

Still unsure?  I have attached a couple of links whereby you can see for yourself  if you do have a problem.  All I would ask is that you be honest with yourself.  Whilst you are not yet known to me,  you are to your family and friends.  All of us would want the very best for you!!!




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