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What is Online Counselling?


Online Counselling is counselling via secure email, Skype, secure chat rooms etc. etc.  I primarily use Skype with webcam or secure email for online counselling and whilst using the internet as a mode of communication may have seemed somewhat unconventional a few years ago, online counselling is an effective, confidential and convenient alternative to face to face (f2f) sessions. We can meet on Skype during the day (your time if you are abroad) evenings or weekends.

What sort of issues can you contact me about for online counselling?  

Online counselling can help with a wide range of issues including stress, depression, grief, confidence and relationships and I work successful with individuals and couples.  I also work successfully via Skype webcam with addiction issues but do not work on this issue via email as I do not personally feel it is an effective medium for such issues.  I also personally do not provide online counselling to any person who is under the age of 18 unless contacted first by an adult caregiver and asked to do so.   My personal preference for effective online working is via Skype webcam but I do work via email although if there is an issue that I feel is not best resolved through email counselling I will advise you. 

How does online counselling work in practice? 

Although a client may be thousands of miles away or just around the corner, it feels as though you are in the same room, especially if using Skype voice and webcam.  My style in both f2f and Skype sessions is exactly the same and it is not unusual to have some “homework” to work on between sessions just as in f2f sessions depending upon the situation a client wishes to make changes in.  To see more about my individual style of counselling, please visit my homepage or watch the video below.

Skype is really easy to download and to use (see FAQs) and provided a client or couple have a relatively fast internet and a webcam and microphone it is an excellent medium for counselling those who are not able, or do not feel comfortable, to undertake f2f counselling for many varied reasons.  In the real world some of us work shifts or work full time and can’t commit to get away during the day and may have young families so can’t make evenings and weekends.  And there is a huge expat community who may find it hard to reach an English speaking counsellor due to location. 

So who else is Online Counselling suitable for?

Those that work away and can’t commit to regular f2f sessions?

Those that are worried about seeing a counsellor f2f and prefer to stay anonymous or wish to talk to someone outside of their local community?

Those that either have, or care for someone, with a disability with little support system which makes it difficult to get out and about?

I hope this helps in your deciding if online counselling is right for you but if you need any more in depth  information, I have set out below how I work with each type of online counselling but if you are still unsure and  would like to discuss how online counselling might help you, please send me your details in the form provided or email me on jean@justonesmallstep.uk.com  or telephone me on 07563 210718.    Enquiries are always free of charge and without obligation.   I do offer a free, no obligation, 15 minute session on Skype for you to experience how an online counselling session might feel for you.  It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to go into any therapeutic work with you at that time but you and I will get a feel of how we might work together to bring about those changes you want.  If you want  a free taster session just email me requesting one, together with an indication of what times you may be available GMT and I will respond.  

The two types of online counselling I offer are:

Email Therapy: Email Counselling

Skype Therapy: Counselling By Skype

And……..I cannot take credit for the following account of what makes up a good counselling relationship – all I know is that this adaption of  an anonymous poem sums up my view of it and embodies the relationship I have with my clients:

Why am I here?

I am here to listen…..not to work miracles.

I am here to help you discover what you are feeling…..not to make things go away.

I am here to help you identify your options….Not to decide for you what you should do.

I am here to discuss steps with you….Not to take the steps for you.

I am here to help you discover your own strength….Not to rescue you and leave you still vulnerable

I am here to help you discover that you can help yourself….Not to take responsibility for you.

I am here to help you to choose…..Not to make it unnecessary for you to make difficult choices.

I am here to provide support for your change!



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