Online Counselling -Is it for you?


Online Counselling – what is it and why do it?

We live in a transient time when, if you want it, the World can be our oyster but just because some of us seize that opportunity it doesn’t always mean that the journey is smooth.  Because it is a transient World we can often feel isolated when we are away from our support systems.  Relationships both with ourselves and others can suffer, old wounds flare up and bad habits can cause mayhem.  So my thinking is what better time to work online when people need to express themselves in their own language (in my case English) and with all it’s oddities and nuances that can be lost in translation and at a time that is convenient for them without travelling for miles.  Because of the time differences, pyjamas have been known to be exposed (not mine of course although I will admit to wearing slippers under my desk if it’s cold!)   and mutual sharing of cups of tea/coffee are always to be found albeit on different screens.

When I was starting the process of turning my life from ordinary to extraordinary and becoming a Counsellor, I knew that I wanted not only to work with clients on a face to face basis but also online via Skype.  I am not sure why this seemed like the right thing to do but it did.  People called me crazy and saying it never would be workable and no one would use it but to me it just seemed that there were so many people to engage with and to work with to overcome some of the obstacles of life that there wasn’t enough time to do it just locally.  I was also mindful that there are a lot of people even in England (and very locally) who can’t get out to see a Counsellor because of childcare or work commitments and online counselling can help them achieve that.   Online Counselling may be new(ish) and I may be new to you but it is professional (apart from the slippers) and it is user friendly.  So if you want to see how it would work for you, with me, visit my website and book a free 15 minute non therapeutic taster session and I will look forward to speaking to you then.


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