It’s here again – that time when some of us feel compelled to make Changes.  A New Year seems to hypnotise us into making new resolutions to stop eating so much, stop drinking so much, find a better job, find a better relationship, stop gambling etc. etc.  But unless we are 100% committed to making changes we might as well just save our energy until we are.  Sometimes when we battle with things it is like going head to head with a wilful toddler or a moody teenager – both of which usually make us feel worse and often doesn’t achieve much.  Trying to resist the “packet of biscuits” winking to us in the cupboard or “the 4th glass of wine” etc. by sheer will power requires the strength of superhuman beings (and most of us are not).  However if we dig a little (or a lot) under the surface and ask ourselves why we want to indulge in a practice that we know is not good for us then we might find more of an incentive.  Along our journey in life we sometimes learn some bad habits that when we feel sad, bad, mad, scared etc we cover it over with things that seem (for an instant) to make us feel better.  But of course we are wise enough to know that that isn’t the answer.  So here is a thought.  What about New Year – Real You?  No not the one you think is the Real You, the one that you run away from and try to hide under unhealthy habits but the Real Autonomous you that enjoys life to full instead of enduring it.  It is easier than you think and with Just One Small Step at a time you will discover that you are stronger than you think.


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