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Sometimes just speaking to a professional outside of our circle of friends and family is enough to make us feel better.  Most of the answers we seek are usually within ourselves and by talking to someone in a confidential and non-judgemental way makes us find the insight we need to make us feel lighter.

Sometimes we keep “things” to ourselves for years thinking that it is too much to share with someone else but we forget the burden this places on us.  It is a bit like walking around with a rucksack full of heavy rockss – how nice would it be to finally put them down and be free to get on with your life without carrying the burden?   Sometimes the rocks aren’t even rocks at all!  It is just how we perceived them all those years ago when we picked them up.

However not all counselling is about uncovering and unburdening past events.  Most times it is just a confidential conversation with a non-judgemental person who has the skills to allow you to find your own insights into what is currently holding you back from leading your life to the full.




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