Fireworks in Haywards Heath


Firework night with all its traditions can be such fun for all the family.  Even the sudden noise of the fireworks exploding seems to add to the magic of it all.  Except of course if we are at home and it takes us by surprise!   Then the sudden eruption of the fireworks going on, and on, can be quite intense and disruptive to our peace.

Likewise anger both our own and others can also be like this.  One minute everything is fine and then whoosh, sparks are flying and sometimes more.  It could be (and usually is) over something really small like a look, a spilt drink, a perceived slight or fuelled by drink etc. etc.. Peace is shattered and the fireworks of anger cascade on and on until they get spent leaving those around them confused, sad and fearful.

This inappropriate anger is not healthy for anyone but it can be managed. So if your anger is getting out of control maybe this would be a good time to deal with what is really causing it.  Maybe you could start by just imagining how it would feel to be in control of your anger instead of your anger controlling you!


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