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Is Your Drinking a Problem ?


Do you find yourself asking “How DO I stop drinking“?

Thank you for visiting my website.  It’s aim is to seek to provide you with a different view on the issue of problem drinking.  It is intentionally brief and plain speaking as I believe a wider search of the internet will provide you with much information and views on the subject should you seek it.  It is also brief because you are probably the expert in most issues surrounding your problem drinking but having decided that “something may not be right” you wish to check out, in the comfort of your own space, if your problem drinking is leading you into addiction.    So the important question is:

What is different from being a problem drinker as opposed to being addicted to alcohol?  Problem drinking is when you at least have some knowledge and control of your drinking habits, be they everyday or what is now commonly known as “binge” drinking.  Problem drinking can, and does, so easily slip into addiction where you and those around you find you have little control over it and alcohol becomes the focus of your life.

It is so easy for us to be where others have no doubt been before. Thinking “it will be ok” “It is not harming anyone” “I only do it at home” etc. etc. and then found themselves spiraling down into chaos that addiction invariable brings.  Look at George Best and Paul Gascoigne with alcohol, Mike Atherton with gambling. I am sure that at one time their lives were at a cross roads and they thought it would never happen to them!

An Invitation …

My name is Jean Watson and I am a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach.  Whilst I am also a general counsellor I have studied many different views and techniques surrounding overcoming problem drinking and addiction.  As your issues are unique to you I want to take the best of these and work with you to overcome your problem drinking.  All you need to provide is not only the motivation to change but also the commitment to see it through even when the going might get tough.  My personal style can be summed up as conversational, informative and effective. I do encourage clients to be autonomous and to discover their own strengths and I help them to have the knowledge and internal resources to enable them to do so.

I also recognise that you may not, for many reasons be able or wish to physically visit my therapy room in Sussex, I have trained and been verified as an online counsellor specifically so that we can meet via Skype webcam & voice without you leaving your own home and at a mutually convenient time to suit you.

I hope I have been able to put your mind at rest that if you feel that the time is right for you to deal with your problem drinking and, if you contact me, you will be welcomed.  Together we can work though the issues that have kept you stuck in a safe, non-judgmental and conversational way in order that you can achieve the outcome that you want.   My belief is that people may have a problem but that the problem is not them. The real person is in there and just needs to be healed.   All I would ask is that you be honest with yourself.

Whilst you are not yet known to me, you are to your family and friends. All of us would want the very best for you.

Jean Watson

I am based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex and can offer face-to-face counselling as well as  online consultations through Skype. You can find out more about Jean here, or click these links to find out “How Much Is Too Much?” and “When does problem drinking turn to addiction?

To get in touch, please use the contact form at the top right of this page and I will be in touch as soon as possible, or just email me on jean@justonesmallstep.uk.com or alternatively, you can call me 07563 210718.

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