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I am still surprised how by just talking about a worry can make the World a nicer place for us to be.  It also never ceases to frustrate me how we are still are so backward about coming forward if we have some emotional sadness that we haven’t overcome.

If we have a physical ailment that is causing us pain, we don’t think too hard before we go to the Doctors. However with our emotional health we usually don’t think that anything outside of ourselves can provide a solution.  We can look at the issues over, and over again until we have squeezed the last bit of logic or rational from them.  We somehow never really appreciate that it is our belief about the issue that got us into trouble in the first place.  Basically, if we are only “talking it through” with ourselves we are only going to get the same answers.

Some problems seem way, way too harsh to talk to others about and we bury them deep inside ourselves making us live our lives in a way that doesn’t always make us happy.  We think that “nobody will understand how we feel” or “as it is in the past it shouldn’t matter as nothing can be done about it”.  But matter it does!!

Of course this is a slight generalisation.  Some people can look at their issues logically or deal with their box of problems themselves and that is brilliant.  However for those who can’t do that,  and it is causing them emotional pain,  talking an issue through can have a huge impact.  Yes – it is called Counselling and Yes – there is still a bit of a “thing” for some people about seeing a Counsellor.  But if people viewed it as having a confidential conversation with a non-judgemental, user friendly person outside of their group of friends and family, then maybe more people would do it.  Some people may have tried Counselling and maybe the Counsellor had a different style, and for various reasons the chemistry wasn’t right between them.    My style of counselling is to empower people to live an emotionally healthy life and to learn to “dance” with the ups and downs of life.  All that is missing is a cup of tea and a biscuit!

So for those of you that may be reading this blog –  A question.  Why is it do you think people feel struggle on and on, sometimes for years, with the same issue instead of sorting it out?  Is it the cost?  Is it the hang-up about the word Counselling?  Is it the effort of finding a Counsellor they feel happy with?  Is it time? 

What do you think?

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