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Are you looking to get your life back on track?

Are you at a loss how to do it?

Coaching is not ‘therapy’.    Coaching has some of the same characteristics and origins as Counselling but does not seek to resolve the deeper underlying issues that are the cause of such things as low self-esteem, loss of confidence etc.   Sometimes people are able to work through their own issues but can’t quite get to feel better about life because their self-esteem or confidence is low which makes participating in everyday life sometimes hard.  Coaching helps people gain that confidence and enables them to live life fully again.

To give an extreme example – if someone  had been marooned on an island for a period of time and during that time life in the outside world had moved on quite a bit.  There was now double the amount of traffic that there was, three times the amount of people of all cultures in the world, technology had changed and their families had grown.    To re-engage with the World would be difficult for a while.  They would be pleased to be off of the island and happy to be home but it would probably take a bit of time to adjust and to make sense of the changes that had occurred.  Coaching helps with this process by identifying the issues and effectively exploring ways to adjust to their new situation and grow their confidence.

In the everyday World that we live in now, many people are surviving all sorts of traumas, some unseen by those around us.  People are able to climb back from their difficulties and to rationalise those traumas.  Some people have sought help such as Counselling to do so and others have done so by their sheer resolve.  But the trauma may have left them a little isolated and unconfident.  People often report themselves as being “as though they had been in a bubble”.  To readjust to life outside of the bubble is where Coaching comes in.

In essence, Coaching is therefore usually commenced on the assumption that a person is self-aware and ‘whole’ and I seek to support a person in setting and actioning appropriate goals in a non-judgemental and realistic way that fits the modern World that we live in.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please get in touch.  You can email me on jean@justonesmallstep.uk.com





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