Christmas and Counselling – All from your computer


I am not sure if there are any statistics about how parcels will be delivered between now and Christmas but I do know that many more people have shopped online this year presumably, if they are anything like me, they work late hours and/or are desperate to avoid the inevitable long queues in stuffy shops.   It seems just another thing that we do online at reasonable or unreasonable times.  We can do our banking, book appointments, book cinema tickets, hotels and restaurants, do research, gaming, booking holidays etc. etc. all without leaving our home.

There is also a growing awareness that just because people work unsocial hours, are housebound, live in a remote area or are a carer of some sort, that they can access almost anything that those of us who have a more ‘nine to five’ existence do.

This is good news.  As whilst this is a bit of a generalisation, people who are isolated for many reasons are generally a higher risk of suffering from depression, addiction and loss of confidence.

In my profession as a counsellor I work not only face to face with clients but also online via Skype which enables me to see people ‘out of hours’.   This doesn’t quite mean that I ‘meet’ with people in my pyjamas but it does mean that I can be more flexible in helping people to sort out their emotional issues than when I work face to face in Sussex.  And for me this is great news as it means more people can get back on track and lead happier lives.

Skype is simple to work and just needs a computer and a good internet connection to enable people to have their own confidential counselling session in the comfort of their own home.  (Clients can even wear their slippers!!).  For more information on how I work and how counselling via Skype could help you – check out my website


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