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Why Am I Angry?

Anger is within us all.  We all feel anger – it is a basic emotion but when it is explosive, sustained or suppressed it causes us problems in our daily lives.  By uncovering and dealing with the cause of our anger we can lead healthier lives.  We may think that “we do not get angry” but as it is a basic emotion, it could be suppressed and causing other issues like sleeplessness, problems with drink, substances, gambling,  food etc as well as  other physical symptons. Recognising this anger and being able to express it in a healthy way makes for a better relationship with ourselves and also those around us.

Control My Anger.

Some anger is normal and sometimes we do need to express it but in a healthy way. Finding the cause of your anger and understanding it’s triggers can be very liberating as we are no longer  held it’s prisoner by trying, but usually failing, to contain it or suppressing it.  Talking things through with a Counsellor will not make a situation change but it will make your understanding of the situation and your reaction to it change. If you are interested in pursuing Counselling for anger management, just contact me. Email jean@justonesmallstep.uk.com



…… is like a cannister of gas that is overfull so has to be released in outbursts every now and then.

…… is like a calm ocean with a rumbling beneath the sea bed that eventually erupts like a Tsunami causing destruction and chaos in its path

…….is like a wounded animal that, when prompted on its wound, lashes out in pain




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