Amy now Whitney – Why?


Yet another brilliant singer who, to the outside world, would seem to have had it all but yet has self-destructed.  As to the why – if that was easy for them to answer then it would possibly have saved them and others like them who are  in the grip of addiction.

My view, if a counsellor is allowed a view, is that they just did not feel  “whole”.   Unnoticed by most assuredly but something was missing in their life nonetheless.  Whether this missing piece was real or imagined would have made not a difference – that was what they believed.

For each of us to be truly happy we have to be at peace with ourselves and our lives and if  our internal chatterbox tells us that we are not good enough or that life has no real meaning etc etc – however bizarre that may sound to the outside world – then we become unhappy.   For some we use alcohol or other self-defeating behaviours to fill the emptiness.  Unfortunately that only muddies the water and doesn’t allow us to stop and assess what the real issue is.  Sometimes it is perceived easier and requires less energy to continue finding comfort in these unhealthy habits rather than to search inside ourselves for the answer as to what we need to change about the life.   Change is scary.  Change does take effort.  But so is the alternatives.  The difference however is that self-destruction is a slow, painful and exhausting experience – far more painfull than discovering the insight into ourselves and our issues in order to live a full and happy life.



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